Wedding Day Information


For all events over 5 hours, hot vendor meals must be provided as per the agreement in our initial contract. Because of dietary restrictions related to allergies and potential pregnancies, please talk to your venue about their policies and keep us informed. If we are not served, or served what we cannot eat, we will leave the premises for one hour in order to break, refuel, charge batteries, etc. Remember we are with you all day. This small bit of time is important for us to recharge and gear up for the rest of the night!
Our meal time should coincide with yours (the couple) so we do not miss any dances, speeches, or important moments. Make sure to talk with your venue about this. We will not be held responsible for absent documentation when we aren’t notified of proper scheduling or vendor meal times aren’t accurately scheduled.

Covid19 Guidelines
We strictly follow all CDC and state guidelines in regards to Covid19. The health of you, your guests, as well as us and our families is of the utmost importance. If crowds begin to form near or around us while indoors, we will swiftly remove ourselves. Please make sure to tell your guests to keep a distance, particularly during important events like first kiss, first dances, cake cutting, etc. We do not want to miss them or have to remove ourselves during an important moment.
Please note that we wear masks for majority of our day with you to protect ourselves each weekend and our little ones. In order to break from wearing them, stay hydrated, and refuel throughout the day we will also take short breaks outdoors in a private manner. Please be mindful that nothing of significance is happening while we are on those short breaks. Communication with your event coordinators or DJ is very important.