The Lewis-Gallaghers | South Jersey

April 3, 2018

As we anxiously await Spring weather, lets throw it back to a warmer, simpler time. A time when flowers were blooming, fish were swimming, and caterpillars had their liberty. I (Ashley) got together with some of my favorite people last year to capture their love of backyard dance parties and enthusiasm for creepy crawlies. This incredible group of people consists of my sister and two nieces.

I told my sister to make the girls look presentable, hence the adorable sun dresses… but regardless of their attire, you can’t stop these kids from making friends with all the bugs they can find! I guess it was caterpillar season in South Jersey. Don’t worry – no caterpillars were harmed during this family shoot! They were only briefly rounded up and enslaved. They were set free after they had been named and snuggled. *shudder*

It’s amazing how much fun you can have watching kiddos explore; seeing how excited they get about things that adults don’t give much thought to, or, in my case, are truly horrified by. Gathering up bugs, naming them, and creating a temporary habitat for them was LIFE on this particular day. And yes, to answer your question, they did chase me with caterpillars multiple times.

In conclusion: RIP Exaybachay. You were a good fish and I hope you have been reincarnated as a bird.


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