Paige & Mark | Ridley Creek State Park

We had a gorgeous warm weather winter engagement adventure with Mark and Paige at Ridley Creek State Park and Hunting Hill Mansion.





They told us they were awkward in front of the camera. They basically wished us “good luck” with our photography journey of documenting their love. We laughed. We’ve been there before. Getting your photo taken, unless you’re a professional model, is an awkward thing. We figured we’d play a few “get to know each other” games with them and it’d be fine. It always is. This engagement photo process is about us all getting to know each other better anyway. It’s a “practice” for your wedding day. Sometimes it just takes some work… a little bit of encouragement to open up. That’s perfectly normal. That’s part of our job. However, I think we were tricked. These two are professional models. They needed NOTHING to warm up.


Well, besides maybe some champagne?





We met Paige and Mark at Ridley Creek State Park, near Hunting Hill Mansion. It’s right down the road from where we live in West Chester, PA and has quickly become one of our favorite photography haunts. It’s beautiful, whimsical, and low key; even more so in the winter months. We had no idea when we started documenting these two how perfectly they’d fit that description: beautiful, whimsical, and low key. Our time with them was filled with a mix of pure, genuine love and side splitting laughter.


The best way I can sum this session up, outside of the breathtaking moments you’re about to see, is with this:


About half way through our session, Paige and Mark were nuzzled up exceptionally close. The sun was setting behind them and producing this magical glowing warmth. Ashley and I knew we were making art. We looked at each other between shutter clicks and could just feel the magic happening. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Paige pulls away from Mark in hysteric laughter. Apparently, as she was nuzzling up to Mark, she began to get emotional. She had a tear coming down her cheek. It was in that moment that Mark quietly said, “You look like a cyclops right now”.


…just when we didn’t think we could adore them any more. <3



And a wonderful and quick outfit change to bring out some of their everyday truer colors. (*ahem* Vans girls forever *cough*).



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