Korytowski Family | Phoenixville

A Fall Phoenixville family adventure with Katie, Bonnie, Fern, and Edie.

There aren’t many better days spent than those with your favorite humans, jumping in mud puddles, skipping stones, tickle monsters, and a whole hell of a lot of love.

I adore Fall family sessions. I love the colors, the sounds, and the crisp smell in the air. I love the layers, the sweaters, and the boots. The Fall begs for long walks outside, hikes, and warm beverages. It calls for closeness and time well spent together.

I really wish this season had just one more month so I could spend all my non-wedding photography time repeating days like the one here. It is ideal in a myriad of wonderful ways. I feel the most myself, as a person and an artist, during these shorter and colder days.

I was lucky enough to meet Bonnie and Katie a long time ago. I photographed Bonnie’s sister’s wedding early in my career. A wonderful cocktail of workplace and art led us to each other. I’m forever grateful for it. It had been a while since I’d seen this crew but thankfully social media exists to help us all keep up with life’s events. So, when they contacted me about a Phoenixville family session, I jumped. I couldn’t wait to see them again.

This time I got to meet their newest family additions, Fern and Edie. These girls are the beautiful, fun, adventurous, stylish, cool, and badass mini versions of their parents. I couldn’t get enough of their rock n roll attitudes, love of puddles, laughter, funny faces, and Edie’s pink leather jacket. <3 Not to mention, getting to know Bonnie and Katie as parents. They are a wealth of knowledge, patience, and love.

It’s hard to imagine a better group of people to spend a Sunday afternoon with. I came home with smiles abound, perfect parenting advice, and future play dates to discuss.

I cannot wait until the next round.

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