Mini Session Love | Philadelphia




Our first attempt at Philadelphia mini lifestyle photography sessions couldn’t have gone better. This day was filled with so much fun, love, and laughter. We’ve already gone back for more with a second round. We cannot wait for our third.





Ashley and I were always hesitant to offer mini sessions. The ones we’ve seen others accomplish are done in a very short period time, with less than 20 photos delivered, and in unnatural settings. If you know our work, you understand that this couldn’t be less appealing to us. We like to get to know our couples and families over extended time. We edit and deliver ALL of the best images (because we REALLY believe that these are not our memories to limit or hoard). Lastly, we thrive off of natural environments and light. Mini sessions never seemed to be in our plan until we began rethinking the concept.


We found a gorgeous studio in Fishtown to rent out and decided to spend a whole day giving this concept a try… our way. The environment was relaxing and filled with natural light. We gave our families buffer times in between shooting so we could chat and relax without feeling stressed. We also decided to edit and deliver every single photo that we loved and include black and white options. Some “mini” sessions wound up with 200+ images. It just doesn’t feel appropriate to keep adorable photos of baby toes and that 5th hug for Mama. As new parents ourselves, we understand how fleeting these moments are so every expression is precious and deserves to be documented.


Our version of our Philadelphia mini lifestyle photo session may be extra work but we left the day so proud of the memories and moments caught.  Here is a gorgeous little sampling of what our afternoon looked like.




Beth and Zoli!




The Nevadomski Family





Shani, Micah, and Luca

(And do yourself a wonderful favor and check out their full family session with us here: The Ghosh Snell Family – Fishtown Lifestyle Photography).





Liza and Jonathan



Thank you to all of our families for trusting us with these moments. We love you and can’t wait to see you again.

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