Battersby Family | New Jersey



A lifestyle session with the Battersbys! The best way to take holiday family portraits, fur children fully included.




The Battersbys added an adorable new member to their family this year. So, it was only a matter of time until I got to meet and photograph the little mister.  As we’ve done backyards and parks in the past, Caitlyn and I decided an in-home holiday lifestyle session would be perfect this year.  It was a blast. Bronson is beyond sweet and friendly. All observation and smiles.  I can’t wait to see how he grows.


This session was wonderful. I got to experience the joy of a family unboxing, putting together, and decorating their tree.  Leni was lost in her own world for a while with this one. Finding her amongst boxes or attempting to pick out the fuzzy balls from a Christmas ornament made my heart sing. She has grown so beautifully into a little personality-filled lady.  She’s rambunctious, curious, and sweet. It’s feels like just yesterday I was photographing Caitlyn as a brand new mom.


We slowly moved along to cookie baking and hang-outs with Stanford and Lilian; the worlds best rescue pups.  I brought my polaroid and started teaching little Leni how to use it.  Her attempts were pretty great for a first timer.  Subject matter mostly became the floor, but you can see mom, dad, and Sanford in there a little bit.  😉  She will make a wonderful apprentice one day.  Iris and Echo… slowly making your children fantastic photographers (just ask the Lasoskis).


Ok, ok, without further ado…


Here is my holiday lifestyle session with the ever wonderful Battersby crew.


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