The Martins | Philadelphia



Philadelphia lifestyle session: Sunday morning at-home with the incredible Martin family.



I met up with the Martins for a Philadelphia lifestyle family session back in November. These at-home glances into the real life of a REAL Philadelphia lifestyle are so rewarding. Nothing is set up or out of the ordinary. The wardrobe isn’t picked for the perfect shots. The activities done aren’t a way to project something “more”. This is a real family, with traditions, favorite books, and a home decor that has them written all over it.


Being yourself is extraordinary. Therefore, photographs depicting YOU are as such. Because of that, these sessions are my favorites. I’m so happy I have families that invite me into their homes in such an honest way. It’s an honor and a level of trust is certainly present. It’s really the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon working.


I started my morning with Kat, Michael, Ophelia, and Lanie by partaking in their Sunday morning tradition: indulging in DELICIOUS Federal Donuts. My mouth waters every time I think about them. So, it was literally the best way to start a shoot. Michael rode his bike east to grab the delicious treats. In the meantime, a holiday book was picked out by Ophelia. There were plans to make cookies later on in the afternoon, but donuts and reading were first. Lanie adorably stayed fast asleep. 🙂  It didn’t take long until the usual routine unfolded. Books were read, Lanie was hungry, and cookies began their making.


I’m not sure there’s many activities that are simpler or more joyous than making treats and decorating them. The options are endless. Sprinkles are fun at ALL ages. There are pictures to be drawn and colors to be toyed with. In the end you’re left with one awesome (albeit often messy) treat to eat. 🙂  I fully encourage all of my families to make me… err… themselves cookies during our sessions. <3


Anyway, enjoy some perfect Sunday philadelphia lifestyle photos with the Martins.


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