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December 7, 2017

We Are Your Wedding Photographers.

…And each year we get together and share the holiday season. Here’s a little peek into our Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving tradition.





A half a decade ago, Ashley and I decided against the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Traveling in and out of the city was troublesome, finding parking coming home at night was a nightmare, and we weren’t enjoying a holiday that was supposed to be all about good company and good food. Our solution? Host each other and enjoy our little village of misfits. Our wonderful Friendsgiving was born. Anyone without greater family plans was welcome; specifically friends who were too far away from theirs to travel. No one should be a) stressed out on the holidays and b) alone (unless they want to be). This tradition is many many years running and we are so thankful for it.


This year was our first outside of Philadelphia. (Luckily when we both moved out of the city, we moved 4 minutes from each other so our traditions can blissfully continue.) It was also our first year without a professional chef. No, we aren’t fancy… Ashley’s husband Ed is a chef at PARC. We happily rely on him to make the bulk of our meals while Ashley and I make sides and desserts. This year the daunting task of Turkey cooking was on us two, as Ed was stuck at work for the day. And guess what? WE DIDN’T POISON ANYONE. Dinner was wonderful and albeit late, everything went on the table at the same time.


This year the cast and crew included: Ashley, her Mom, and new addition Billie, Brian, myself, and our son Lucian, Brian’s sister Melissa and family, our good friend’s Mel, Bryan, and their kids.


Huge thank you to:

-Ashley’s Mom and my husband Brian for being the best helpers and also keeping our little ones entertained/fed while we cooked.
-Melissa for helping, cutting the turkey, bringing her frier, and KILLING IT with our newest obsession, Lumpia. (I drool at the thought).
-Mel for the ridiculous desserts and holy hell that handmade whipped cream was a dream.



Lumpia is heaven. I regret

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