Frequently Asked Questions


How do you describe your style?

Fine Art photojournalistic. Our favorite moments to capture are what we call the “perfect candids”. It takes skill, a trained eye, and time to understand how beautiful a moment really is while you are inside of it.  – We aim to tell a full story, whether that’s of you, your family or the first day your fiancé transitions into your husband/wife.

Where are you located?

Iris & Echo is located in West Chester, PA. We will, however, travel anywhere close by, in between, or far away.  Take us somewhere familiar/take us somewhere new.

How long do we have you for on our wedding date? Engagement/portrait session?

Nearly all day.  We start a little after you begin getting ready and end around an hour before the reception finishes (unless of course you are planning end of night bonfires, fireworks, etc).  An engagement, family, or portrait session tends to last between 2 and 3 hours.

How much time until we get to see our photos?

We give ourselves a total of 12 weeks to completely edit your wedding photos.  This gives us enough time to go in and truly edit them appropriately.  The process is long and thorough. These are your life events and your memories deserve concentrated attention. All other sessions are between 2 and 3 weeks.

How many photos will I/we get?

This depends on the length of your session.  Weddings will end up with 600+ edited images (that’s underestimating for a full day but we’re being safe here) and all other sessions between 50 and 100.  It really depends on how the day unfolds.

What kind of editing do you do to the photos?

We edit color, composition, handle blemish deletion, and do black and white options.  If the photo is perfect and really tells a story, but that exit sign in the background takes away the emotion of the moment?  We’ll probably take that out too.

Is there an additional fee to print images?

No.  The images in your online gallery are ready to be downloaded and then printed.

But will you print for me if I choose that route?

Of course.  Additional fees will occur.

What kind of equipment do you use?

All amazing professional Nikon gear with back-ups to boot.

What other services do you offer?

Insanely beautiful keepsake albums and lovers eyes necklaces.