Gina & Nick | Hunting Hill Mansion





After moving to West Chester, PA from Philly in 2017, we both realized how much there was to explore in our new home. Chester County is gorgeous and Hunting Hill Mansion was one of the first places we adventured in. We knew right away it was a perfect place for our engagement session with Gina and Nick.





Gina and Nick both love the outdoors. Their professions call for enjoying the open air, gorgeous fields, and existing wildlife. We knew immediately that they’d love Ridley Creek State Park and the grounds at Hunting Hill Mansion. It’s rustic, set in a stunning landscape, wild, and romantic. The mansion itself gives us the color palette of our dreams; deep green vines growing up warm stone. It sets you back to some timeless age. It has an innate romance I can’t quite explain. It’s quickly become a favorite place of ours; it doesn’t hurt that it’s an easy 10 minute drive from both of our homes.



Meeting these two and getting to know them better before their winter wedding at Folino Estate was a complete joy.  Theres nothing better than our pre-engagement session coffee (or drinks) to learn more about our couples, their relationships, the engagement, upcoming details, timelines, etc. Its such a helpful part of our process.



While getting to know our couple through talking is one thing… watching their love before our eyes is magic. These two were so incredibly sweet on each other. It was clear as day that they’d “found their person”. It’s so rare to have a groom that doesn’t need a little direction when it comes to snuggling up his future bride. (I know our husbands need a little coaching in front of the camera). Nick didn’t need even the slightest guidance. These two had us with hearts in our eyes for weeks.



We’re both grateful for their adventurous spirits and love for what we do. We’re so happy we get to be their wedding artists.



To see Ridley Creek State Park and Hunting Hill Mansion in the winter, make sure to view Paige and Mark’s engagement session there!

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