Loren & Alex | Hortulus Farm Garden and Nursery





Hortulus Farm Garden and Nursery is a magical place to get married.

However, even amongst all the gorgeous landscapes and stunning blossoms, all eyes were on Loren and Alex.





Loren and Alex stole our hearts throughout the entire process of working with them.  By the time we got to their wedding day at Hortulus Farm, it felt like we were amongst family.  It’s hard to describe how these two, and the people they surround themselves with, make you feel. Try mixing the biggest hug with the most comforting of food, and a margarita, and then its close.


Well… that was LITERALLY how we spent our first day with them. Last Spring we shot their engagement session at Alex’s parents house in New Hope, PA. It was perfectly lovely, as great engagement sessions are. Afterward, they invited us over for homemade food, drinks, and the company of their closest friends and family. It was the absolute best way to get to know them. We discovered the family’s love of art (uh, hi!), Loren’s paintings (what?!), discussed potential future oil lessons for Alex’s mom (hello, hi, YES!), talked family, travel, love, music, and the list goes on and on. Needless to say the excitement for their wedding became boundless.


Spending the morning with Alex, Loren, and their families the morning of their big day was another treat. To start, we were greeted with a warm breakfast and hot cup of coffee. For this reason, we will always have a huge place in our hearts for Alex’s mom. Most noteworthy though, the overall vibe was as relaxed and stress free as you could possibly imagine. Shortly after, we took off for Hortulus and it truly took our breath away. I already have an affinity for the New Hope area. It is where I got married. But this place? Wow. Its a hidden gem of Bucks County; a place unlike anywhere I’ve seen in the tri-state area. It matched the entire feeling of this couple, their families, and the union about to be celebrated.


The room that Loren got dressed in has been inspiring me ever since I laid eyes on it. An artist’s workspace is something very personal, sacred, and eye opening. We couldn’t thank the owners of Hortulus Farm for opening that up to our couple. It was everything.


From the moment we said our first hellos to the end of night dancing, this wedding was a joy to photograph. It sounds silly, but we felt like we were meant to be there, meet these two, and spend this time with their nearest and dearest. We’re thrilled for their upcoming adventures as husband and wife, and to see what their relocation to Colorado has in store.


This job is one that never fails to surprise us with it’s beauty of place, people, and contagious joy.




…pardon this interruption but we need you to know that the following photo is completely candid. Loren is just that magical and we just so happen to be ready for it when the moment bloomed.



Back to your regular gorgeous wedding scrolling program.







Vendor Love:

Venue: Hortulus Farm Garden and Nursery

Coordinator: Craig Zeserman

Hair and Makeup: Alison Penny (Alex’s Sister!)

Florist: The Pod Shop

Dress: Savannah Miller

Dress Shop: Lovely Bride

Suit: My.Suit

Catering: Jeffrey Miller Catering


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