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We Are Your Wedding Photographers…


And last year we headed to Highland Orchards to pick some apples, photograph each other, and pretend we’re not awkward as hell in front of the camera.







It’s so difficult to find time to edit through the personal photos we take, particularly those we take of each other. We prioritize this business above all else and feel like theres never NOT something to do. Then, all of a sudden, we realize it’s a full year after our own shoots, and we KNOW if we wait ONE MORE YEAR to post the seasonally appropriate photos, we’ll just never do it.



So, a few weeks ago I took time “off” to bask in our own family memories (and actually edit them). I’m so happy I did. I love them! I love seeing how adorable, odd, and awkward we all are, how ridiculous our husbands can be, and what our faces look like putting up with their antics.



This tiny trip to Highland Orchards in our hometown (West Chester, PA) was well worth the adventuring. Not only did we get a good day out but our little babes took needed carrier naps as we ate our way around the fields of apples. We’re strong believers in not waiting to have your life captured. Day trips can turn into photo adventures and regular activities should be celebrated. Theres never a better time to document your life, your love, and your family than now.  As I look through these I realize this more than ever.  I can’t believe how tiny our Littles were. I’m so glad we spent a few hours walking around, cameras in hand, and being our wonderful weirdo selves.







Real life talk:

  1. That was Billie’s backup outfit. She used to LITERALLY poopsplode every single time she entered a car.
  2. Ashley’s adorable shirt has since been eaten by her cat (cute shirts have become her delicacy).
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