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When we didn’t think we could love Shani, Micah, and Luca anymore… we then get introduced to Ryan during the Ghosh Snell crew’s second Fishtown family photo session with us. It’s official, we’ve fallen in love with this group. There’s no turning back.





It’s rare when we get to hang out with the families we photograph more than once a year. So, getting to enjoy this crew twice this summer has been the ABSOLUTE best. You’ll see why when scrolling through their second Fishtown family mini session with us.



We first photographed Shani, Micah, and Luca without Ryan; a little “mama and me” session during our first round of minis. We had never done quick sessions before. We’re lifestyle photographers through and through so we worried that short time periods might not be enough to capture the real essence of a family. Those three completely changed our ideas on what a short session can be. It was a blast, filled with so much love and playful energy. We were beyond excited when they signed up for another round of photo fun with us… this time as the full family.



This crew is a dream to work with. They opened themselves up to us immediately. No warm up period was needed or necessary. They exude exactly who they are at all times. Ryan is the piece of this puzzle we didn’t understand was missing. These four are magic together. It’s inspiring and super beautiful. Micah and Luca also have to be two of the most beautiful and photogenic children on the planet. They don’t fear the camera in the slightest, nor do they aim for it with insincere smiles and posed stances. It makes for some really powerful imagery of childhood. As documentarians, it makes our hearts soar and our job that much more incredible.



We’d also like to say… cuddle puddles forever and ever.




Micah and Luca’s adorable outfits from June and January and Whistle and Flute!




And I have to add this fun image! My view as a family photographer who wears her ASPCA cat vans to work. (Yes, that was Luca trying to steal them earlier!)


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