Hillary & John | Asbury Park


Hillary and John… the King and Queen of Asbury Park.

Ok, maybe they’re not OFFICIALLY the King and Queen but it sure felt that way.


I grew up going to Asbury Park… but it looked nothing like it does now. This was where I attended many a Warped Tour, Skate and Surf Festival, and punk rock show. It was not a place to walk around or shop. There was no great food spots to hit up. I only heard of its glorious heydays; never experiencing them myself.

I started learning about the change in this wonderful place long after I had left New Jersey. I see most bands in Philly now so there was no real reason for me to visit… that is, until our engagement session with Hillary and John. It has changed so much and its now one of our favorite places for food, photos, and a good walk. Ashley and I both return as frequently as possible.

Hillary and John had spent their first real summer in love at the beach. This space was a part of John’s youth (much like mine) but also his adulthood. He knows Asbury, it’s people, its food, and its gorgeous “off limits” spaces better than anymore. We feel exuberantly lucky to have explored it the way, and with whom, we did. Not many things are as exciting as your couple calling up a key holder of a forbidden locked space for some unique exploration.

As much as we were in awe of Asbury’s new glory, Hillary and John stole the show. The way these two look at each other is heart melting and Hillary’s laughter is contagious with every image you see it.

From rad spaces to a simple sandwich on the boardwalk, it was such a privilege to spend this summer day together.

Their wedding was just as magical and we cannot wait to share that with you as well. For now… a little summer love at Asbury Park boardwalk.

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